Problems in your summer job? – Call the toll-free summer job helpline!

The national labour confederations of Finland (SAK, Akava and STTK) are reopening their summer job information service on Wednesday 2 May.


Summer job advisor Juuli Jokinen urges all summer job employees to study the terms and conditions of a job carefully before signing the employment contract, and to contact the information service for advice before starting work.

The joint labour confederation toll-free hotline will be serving seasonal employees for the 14th summer season this year. The advisory service has responded to thousands of queries from young workers, their parents and employers over the years, providing advice on such aspects as pay, work shifts and trial periods.

“All enquiries are handled in confidence, so there is no reason to be nervous about asking for help.”

Juuli Jokinen points out that summer employees are entitled to proper orientation guidance in a new job:

“Employers have a duty to provide guidance on such aspects as workplace conditions, operating machinery and equipment, and occupational health and safety. Proper orientation reduces work-related accidents, improves the quality of work and increases job satisfaction.”

Summer job helpline open from May to the end of August

The summer job information service will be open from Wednesday 2 May until Friday 31 August. Check out the advisory service website at www.kesaduunari.fi for important information on working as a summer employee, including a checklist of important points to remember and answers to frequently asked questions. The website also accepts new questions for the summer job advisor.

The telephone helpline will be open between 09.00 and 15.00 on Monday to Friday, advising callers in Finnish, Swedish and English. Anonymous calls are also accepted.

Call 0800 179 279. The summer job information service is also active on Facebook (www.facebook.com/kesaduunari) and Twitter (twitter.com/kesaduunari).

For further details please contact:

Juuli Jokinen, summer job advisor, tel. +358 40 7471 571

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