Membership benefits

When you jo in an Akava affiliate, you open the door to all the membership servic es and benefits that affiliate has to offer. Unionization supports you in your working life by gaining you access to Akava services and the negotiation and agreement support from Akava’s organisations for negotiations.  Akava and its affiliates work to influence the development of working life in a number of ways.

When you join a union, you can also opt to join the unemployment fund established by that union, thereby providing yourself with additional security in case you become unemployed. By taking full advantage of the many additional membership benefits that have been negotiated by the confederation and its affiliates, you ensure that you get even more value for your membership fee. 

Deductible membership fees

Membership fee practices vary from union to union, but for most, the fee is based on a percentage of income. To ensure the smooth payment of the fees, you can sign a proxy that enables your employer to deduct the fee directly from your salary and pay it to the union, or you can pay the fee yourself as a separate payment. Your membership fee is tax deductible.

Membership benefits and services

In addition to salary and employment security, you can enjoy a number of other financial benefits as a member of Akava’s affiliates. Detailed information about the specific benefits available to you can be found on your union's website.

Individual advice and support

Your professional union provides you with advice and support, whenever you have questions or encounter employment problems.

Contract and employment security

Confederations or organisations working on behalf of employees and employers negotiate contracts to secure wage increases and the basic terms and conditions of employment. Shop stewards and union representatives in the workplaces oversee the interests of union members.

Unemployment security

Unemployment funds pay an earnings-related daily allowance to members who become unemployed.

Advice, training and information

Your affiliate provides you with, for example, legal advice and services, and organises all types of training for its members. Additionally, the affiliate endeavours to provide information concerning working life, the supervision of interests and issues related to the field in both our membership and trade magazines and websites.

Insurance and banking services

Each affiliate has negotiated favourable insurance terms and bank agreements on behalf of its members.

Discounts and support

As a member, you receive discounts on, for example, professional literature and magazines, recreational services, accommodation and travel services and fuel. Union membership entitles you to discounts at many domestic holiday destinations. Holiday services are organised for Akava members by A-lomat. Further information:

Union products and logos

Many Akava affiliates offer cost price products that are adorned with the union's own logo, and special products such as professional rings.

Beneficial networks

Union membership provides you with the opportunity to network with other professionals in your own field. The unions organise courses, meetings and seminars that provide members with information and opportunities to meet colleagues.

Danske Bank’s housing loan benefits for Akava members

Receive housing loan benefits and save money!

As a member of Akava affiliate listed in the column on the right you can receive a housing loan more affordably. Apply for a new loan or simply compare your current loan – we can transfer your loan from your former bank to Danske Bank on your behalf. You can also utilise your benefits for your current loans with Danske Bank.

Access your benefits!

Contact us for more information about your benefits:

0200 25880, Mon-Fri 8am-8pm

Our benefits for members of Akava affiliates

  • Lower margins
  • No delivery or handling fees
  • Instalment-free periods without fees
  • Stepped payment programme
  • More affordable daily banking services

Housing loans are always cheaper if you are a member   

You automatically receive a discount on the margin of your housing loan. As a member of an Akava affiliate, your housing loan will be cheaper than if you were not a member*.

Housing loans without fees – save at least 300 euros

You will not be charged delivery or handling fees on your housing loan. These usually amount to 0.60% of the loan capital and at least 300 euros.

Up to 50% off daily banking services

You can receive a 25–50% discount on the monthly fee for your daily banking package as long as you are paying your housing loan. Your daily banking package includes two accounts, two cards and bank identifiers, for example.

Instalment-free periods without fees – save 180 euros each time

You can apply for instalment-free periods of 4 to 12 months without delivery fees**, saving you at least 180 euros for each period. You can use these instalment-free periods however you like whenever you need more financial flexibility, for example to spend time with your family, to improve your skills through further education, or simply to save up for an important purchase.

Pick a payment programme that suits your lifestyle

You can choose when you want to begin reducing your loan. In this way you will have more money at the start to furnish your apartment, pay for your new lifestyle or simply save up for the future. You can set fixed instalment levels that increase incrementally for the first five years of your loan.

Example of how you can benefit from stepped instalment levels:
1.    Monthly instalments for first two years: €500
2.    Monthly instalments for third year: €750
3.    Monthly instalments for remaining loan period: €1000

Up to 2-3 instalment levels can be used. The monthly payments must be fixed equal instalments. An approved credit decision is always required before a loan can be granted.

Sound interesting?

You can request a loan offer from the comfort of your sofa. We can also transfer your current loan to Danske Bank. As our customer you can also receive considerable discounts on insurance from Fennia. Apply for a loan!

Are you a recent graduate?

Become a customer of Danske Bank and enjoy extra benefits. Find out more! LINKKI

* Minimum margins are taken into account when pricing loans. In our loan offer you can see the price both as a member of an Akava affiliate and without membership.
** An approved credit decision is required for instalment-free periods.

If a customer takes a loan of EUR 170,000, the loan period would be 20 years and the 12-month Euribor rate would be the reference rate for the loan, with a total interest rate of 1.25% (1.29% of the actual annual rate calculated under the Consumer Protection Act). The total amount of credit and other credit costs amounted to EUR 193,204.74, including the automatic charge EUR 2.70 / payment, the number of instalments was 240. (Information on January 8, 2018). When pricing is applied, the minimum margins are taken into account.

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